Friday, October 20, 2017

An Interview with Jeremy Lenzo of Mayday Parade

The second artist Dark Matter Hot Sauce was fortunate enough to collaborate with was Mayday Parade. The fellas were rad enough to lend us their images for a limited edition hot sauce bottle! (Shout out to Josh Terry at Workshop Management & everyone else involved in helping make the hot sauce a reality)

Jeremy Lenzo, bassist in Mayday Parade, took some time out of his busy schedule while touring in Europe to answer a few questions for us!

What is your favorite food to use hot sauce on?

Probably Mexican, but I generally put hot sauce on just about everything.

What is your favorite recipe to cook when you’re home?

I don't know. It depends on what I'm in the mood for but salmon, green beans with a side salad is usually a weekly thing. 

Do you guys cook on the tour bus or eat out more often?  If you’re cooking on the bus while traveling, who is the best cook in the band?

We usually eat out more on tour. On the bus all you really have is a microwave and maybe a George Forman grill. You can do quite a lot with that, but in a bus the smell, smoke and clean up are a big problem. As far as the best cook, I don't know. I think each one of us has our special dish that we cook really well.

Who decided which lyric would be used on your limited edition hot sauce bottle?/How did you decide which lyric to feature on the bottle?

Derek decided that, he thought it went well using a lyric that referenced "dark" to go along with dark matter hot sauce. I don't think we have any lyrics to actually go with "hot" so we did the best we could.

What made you want to collaborate with Dark Matter Hot Sauce?

We all love hot sauce, and the proceeds we're going to a good cause.

Is hot sauce an essential for anyone in the band?  

I think me (Jeremy) and Brooks love our hot sauces. We need to at least have a few different bottles in the fridge on tour.

When it comes to hot sauce is the heat level more important to a dish or intense flavor more important?

I think flavor is always the most important thing with hot sauce. If you can't taste your food anymore you're doing it wrong. Although, I say that but I tend to push the thresh hold on heat a good bit.

How would you describe the taste of Mayday Parade’s limited edition hot sauce?

Currently in Europe so I can't sample it to remember, but if I can recall It's a vinegar based hot sauce with a smoky taste and a mild heat. Good for chicken and fish.

We know you’re headed to the UK for the last leg of the ALIR 10th Anniversary tour.  What’s up next for Mayday Parade?  Can we expect news on the new album in the near future?

When we get back from tour we're going to jump in the studio sometime in December to record some new material and hopefully try and get an album done by early next year. Hopefully after marketing and what not we can release sometime early summer.

You can still order your Mayday Parade limited hot sauce! Available only at 

Only 1,111 bottles will be sold & once they sell out the design will get retired & never sold again.  As always, 30% of each sale gets donated directly to the Dear Jack Foundation.  If you decide not to order, please consider making a donation to the organization. *We donate 30% of total sales, not profits, to the Dear Jack Foundation, allowing us to make a bigger donation with your support.

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