Monday, September 25, 2017

An Interview With Tyler from State Champs

Slow Burn—over 500,00 YouTube views, over 2 MILLION streams on Spotify, and now the energetic pop punk song from State Champs is featured on its very own mango habanero hot sauce bottle!

Dark Matter Hot Sauce had a chance to catch up with Tyler from State Champs!

DMHS: What made you want to get involved with Dark Matter Hot Sauce? 
Tyler: It's really cool for us to make little oddball "merch" items. We've made a bunch of wacky shit like leggings, woven blankets, bags of coffee, fidget spinners, selfie sticks, etc. So to approach us with the idea of a hot sauce that we get to design ourselves AND helps out an important charity? You had us all jazzed up. 
DMHS: The mango habanero flavored hot sauce is accurately described as a slow burn.  When you chose that flavor were you aware that the song choice of Slow Burn was going to perfectly describe the taste? 
Tyler: Absolutely not! I wish I had planned it like that. Either way, it worked out well. I just love how the heat from the habanero sauce sneaks up on you. Maybe it was a subconscious thing who knows! 

DMHS: What is your favorite food to eat hot sauce on? 
Tyler: Whether it's wings or breasts, definitely chicken. A close second is on my eggs in the morning. However, my roommate recently introduced me to tossing a little on your microwave popcorn. A true game changer. 
DMHS: One of Dark Matter Hot Sauce’s key components is that 30% of sales are donated to the Dear Jack Foundation, which was founded by Andrew McMahon.  If you could each only choose one song to pick as a favorite by either Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, or Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness which song would it be?
Tyler: I won't lie, I absolutely love Andrew McMahon's songs so I'm going to give you my favorite from each of those projects listed above. 
Jack's Mannequin - I'm Ready
Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness - Birthday Song 

DMHS: I was fortunate enough to see you at the 4 Chord Music Festival in Pittsburgh where you played just before The Startling Line, which I have to assume was a major highlight of your career.  Would you say that was the most surreal since being in State Champs? If not, what would you say was your favorite experience to date with the band?
Tyler: The Starting Line are a very important band to us. To be able to play with them was awesome but we were a little nervous! We were all getting ready to play backstage hoping they don't watch us in case we mess up or whatever haha. One of the most surreal moments for me in our career so far was opening the main stage at Reading and Leeds. I mean come on, LEGENDS have played that stage. It felt crazy to be able to stand where they stood. 
DMHS: You’re currently on your ‘Road to Riot Fest’ tour and I know you’ll be headed into the studio again soon to record your new album. Any idea on when we can expect some new music to be released? 
Tyler: Like many of my best and most awesome secrets, I'll never tell!!! 

DMHS: In the song Slow Burn you mention Chicago.  Is there a food or restaurant you absolutely must get while you’re in the Windy City?
Tyler: You bet! We're wildly passionate about food.  The non vegetarians/vegans always have to get Lou Malnati's pepperoni sausage deep dish with the buttercrust. 
The vegetarian/vegans always go to The Chicago Diner. Although I eat meat, I do enjoy vegan restaurants with my guys and The Chicago Diner is unbelievable. You wouldn't even know the difference! 


Dark Matter Hot Sauce donates 30% of each sale to The Dear Jack Foundation.

Head over to to grab yourself a limited edition State Champs Slow Burn hot sauce bottle.  You might even be one of the lucky owners who get an autographed bottle shipped to them!  

Grab yourself a bottle or two, support a great cause, and be sure to give every member of State Champs (and their mangers/team) high fives for being a part of this project with us.  

A very special thank you to Tyler for taking time to answer a few questions for us!  Speaking from experience, State Champs is incredible live so go out & support them when they come to your town…whenever that may be since Tyler wouldn’t divulge his SECRETS with me 😉

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