Sunday, November 18, 2018

Infinity War 2018 Konstantine Hot Sauce

Robert Downey Jr Benedict Cumberbatch Mark Ruffalo Benedict Wong

If you're not Dr Strange you can't manipulate time so you'll have to order your Konstantine 2018 hot sauce by December 11th!

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*A portion of each sale is donated to The Dear Jack Foundation

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Peach and the Piano Limited Edition Hot Sauce

andrew mcmahon allen stone zac clark bob oxblood
Inspired by the wonderfully magical The Pen and the Piano Tour, our limited edition 'Peach and the Piano Hot Sauce' is only available for sale until 6/23/18.  Whatever sells until that date is what the bottles will be limited to.  This design will get retired on 6/24/18, so don't kill the messenger if you miss out!

BONUS: A few certificates of authentication have been signed by Andrew McMahon & Bob Oxblood.  All bottles will be eligible to receive an autographed certificate and winners will be chosen at random.  You'll know you're a lucky recipient when your order arrives. 

Only available at

As always, 30% of every sale is donated to The Dear Jack Foundation. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I Woke Up In A Car Hot Sauce

Andrew McMahon in the Wildnerness
Andrew McMahon didn't come out with his own line of hot sauces, but he is featured on Dark Matter Hot Sauce's limited edition hot sauce!

30% of every sale is donated to The Dear Jack Foundation

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dark Matter Hot Sauce Teams Up With Josh and Benny Safdie

Good Time Movie Poster Featuring Dark Matter Hot Sauce

It all started with a tweet...

Seriously, that's how the Peach Habanero Safide Brothers Final Draft Limited Edition Dark Matter Hot Sauce started.

I had been hearing about the Safdie Brothers since they released Heaven Knows What, but with all the hype around their 2017 crime thriller Good Time starring Robert Pattinson I never thought I'd actually catch their eye with our hot sauce.

Dark Matter Hot Sauce had only featured pop-punk bands before Josh & Benny, but as soon as they heard more information about our hot sauce & how we donate 30% of all sales (sales, not profits so we are able to make a bigger impact) to The Dear Jack Foundation they were game!

Benny Safdie using his dark matter hot sauceAfter much consideration, Benny made the final decision on our peach habanero hot sauce flavor- subtle sweet flavor packed with a ton of heat! It has a heat level of about 8/8.5 out of 10.

Both Josh & Benny were incredibly involved in the process.  In fact, that handwriting you see featured on the face of the label is actually from Josh Safdie himself!

dark matter hot sauce

Limited to just 1,111 bottles in total, the Final Draft hot sauce can only be owned by ordering it on our website at

Josh & Benny have even signed pictures & certificates for some lucky bottle owners!  You'll know you've received something autographed when your order arrives.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Dark Matter Hot Sauce & grab your bottle of our limited edition Safdie Brother hot sauce while ya can!

Bonus Fact: 

The main character played by Rob Pattinson in Good Time is named Constantine Nikas.  Konstantine is also the title of Something Corporate's iconic 'scene' song which is now only played live in concert once a year on 11/11 at the Dear Jack Benefit Show

 vegan peach habanero hot sauce

Infinity War 2018 Konstantine Hot Sauce

If you're not Dr Strange you can't manipulate time so you'll have to order your Konstantine 2018 hot sauce by December 11th!...